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Mizuno ST-G 440 Driver

Mizuno ST-G 440 Driver

Mizuno ST-G 440 Driver

The Mizuno ST-G 440 driver will have you hitting just the kind of shots you want to see off the tee. The lightweight material in the toe and the face will help you generate fast ball speed and give you better shot shape adjustability. The driver’s tech, including the Cortech Chamber that sits behind the face, will give you a very pleasing feel and make an attractive sound when you strike the ball.

  • Cortech chamber features a stainless steel weight to take stress away from the clubface, creating an additional energy source to increase distance
  • Two weights can be pushed to more extreme positions for ultra-low spin to mid-low speed settings
  • Driver’s body has an attractive pear shape that inspires confidence when looking down at address
  • Lighter material on the club’s face that helps generate faster ball speeds for more distance
  • Lightweight carbon in the toe section allows for a greater level of shot shape adjustability
  • Quick switch hosel has 4 degrees of adjustability
  • Availability: RH (9.5 & 10.5) & LH (9.5 only)

"This driver from Mizuno has lots of workability, so you’ll be landing the ball just where you want it to be when you tee off."

Mizuno ST-G 440 Driver
Mizuno ST-G 440 Driver


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